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You would like to start a business in Germany and wish to get professional support? Book your free consultation now!

We talk about your business plans, the problem you´re facing right now,  you receive valuable feedback on your business idea, and get tips and tricks on how to get started in Germany! 

My name is Birgit Heidenreich, I´m an Expat Business Consultant, the founder of the Expat Business Club Germany, and Managing Partner of CBC Ltd. I´m looking forward to our conversation!

What is the Expat Business Club: We are an exclusive incubator and accelerator for expat founders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, whom we support at every stage with our expertise, services, and network!

It’s always a rollercoaster ride to start a business in Germany. The bureaucracy can be overwhelming, especially for expats with little experience in the German market and its legal requirements.

The Expat Business Club Germany helps you avoid all potential obstacles. Our network comprised of vetted experts and successful fellow expatpreneurs introduces you to the right tools to simplify complex founding processes and successfully launch your business!

We are a one-stop shop, offering you our comprehensive services in English to found your business at an affordable price, helping you to become the expat founder or freelancer you want to be!

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Frau Birgit Heidenreich


The consultation session will get hosted via zoom.

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