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 "Best advice right from the start!"

From practice for practice.-

Are you thinking about starting your own business? To become a boss and to realize your own ideas in your own company? To work independently and without instructions? Do you dream of doing what you like to do, what you are good at, what you love, in order to earn money with it? 

We will be happy to give you concrete tips, suggestions and information about the possibilities of realizing your dream of becoming self-employed.

Whether as a main or sideline business, alone or with a partner, from unemployment or still in a job? With or without a concrete start-up idea! 

You and your concerns are the focus. You ask. We answer! 45 min. individual consultation. Free of charge.  

There is no prescribed program. As individual as you and your starting conditions are, as individual are your options for founding or further professional orientation - as individual is your personal consulting and coaching need. 

After the meeting, you will know what options are available to you, what funding options may be available to you, what steps are necessary, and you will also receive a roadmap that has been individually developed for you on what to do next in concrete terms.

How and when do we meet?

How: Free one-on-one consultation, in German or English upon request.

Where: Online via Zoom, by phone or, depending on regulatory requirements and local proximity, gladly "face-to-face" in our office in the north of Düsseldorf in compliance with the 2G regulation.

When: Call me and make a binding appointment for the free one-on-one consultation. You can reach me by phone at 0211 39 02 38 13 / mobile 01525 424 67 49 or contact me via WhatsApp at 01525 424 67 49, or write me an email - gladly with 2 - 3 appointment suggestions, when it suits you best - to l.henke@das-berater-team.biz. 

By the way: When I started my own business as a trainer for sales and marketing in 2006 and with my consulting company dbt das-berater-team in Düsseldorf in 2009, a big dream came true for me: To finally work freely and without instructions and to bring in my own ideas, consulting and coaching approaches. The road from then to now has certainly not always been easy. Stumbling blocks lay in the way, unplanned events thwarted my plans and then there was a pandemic ... From my own experience, I know very well what opportunities and challenges await entrepreneurs. I bring my wealth of experience coupled with my profound knowledge of the market and the industry, but above all my passion for what I do, into the consulting process and advise you at eye level. Right from the start! From practice, for practice.

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Online, by phone, depending on regulatory requirements and local proximity, gladly "face-to-face" in our office in the north of Düsseldorf in compliance with the 2G regulation.

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