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When setting out as a freelancer, of course, you would love to start immediately and catch the first clients – but did you know that you need to make some strategic decisions before even getting started? Have you already started as a freelancer and noticed that business is slow?


A business strategy will help you understand your market and customers. It will show you your next steps and help your clients to identify you as an expert.


In this mastermind workshop, you´ll start creating your individual business strategy.

Using the elements of the workshop, you will be able to:

  •     Learn all about the business model and its value
  •     Start designing your freelancing career
  •     Get clarity on your business/business idea
  •     Get feedback on your business/business idea (in breakout rooms)
  •     Be ready to build/optimize your freelancing career


This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to start freelancing or has already started and wants to take it to the next level.


Some words about the host:My name is Birgit Heidenreich. I´m an Expat Business Consultant, and the Expat Business Club Founder. I support expats in all questions around designing a freelancing business in Germany. Starting with setting up a solid business strategy, price calculations, all the things around the registration process of the business, and other bureaucracy.

I studied business administration in Switzerland and have more than 12 years of experience as a business consultant. I have work experience in the banking and leasing industry, know-how in working with several board members and managing directors of DAX companies as well as strategy consulting for SME´s.


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We´ll host the event via Zoom.

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